Mafolzasit "Chamberknife" - 127 Early Autumn by Servu

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Dark days are upon Mafolzasit. The filling of the great lava lake of Greaterplans has drained The Fountain of Unions, the volcano that has kept the dwarves that dwell there warm for so long. Now the magmafall that once yielded it's warm embrace to the dining hall and the tunnels near it sits cold. The forges, once teeming with busy dwarves bending metal to their will with the glowing heat the Fountain provided them, are now covered in dust and cold has found it's residence among the workspaces. On the southern mountain and in the forests, ogres have begun to wander about, their wrath scaring any workers that happen to be crossing the bridge across the chasm, while the orcish armies continue to pound the outer defences. And while the foes have yet to cross the Bridge of Despair and live, the ever increasing reports of goblin squads being met inside the perimeter area are striking fear to the general populace that now is reluctant of leaving the underground halls without either the fortress guard and the military patrolling the road. But the greatest danger the fort is facing are not the goblins stalking the unwary peasant, nor it is the mighty orcs that keep fiercely charging through the defences. No, the real danger lies in the very heart of the fortress, in the most distant mining tunnels that have dared to seek the very core of The Wild Spines.

Visual Fortress

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Point of Interest: The Cave of Terror

( 127 Early Autumn → onwards )

This place used to be a part of my main farming area. My dwarves don't go there anymore.
The story begins from the much earlier days of my fort. I had numerous incidents of thieves being spotted in the western areas, mostly in the Old Fort. I counted this to my military’s fault, who were abandoning their positions every once in a while, allowing my the deeper parts of the fort to be infiltrated by goblin snatchers and skulking filth.
How wrong I was.
The true, much darker nature of this little cavern came to reveal itself during a remarkably large orc siege in 114. The early stages of the siege went as planned, I trapped the two first orc squads between my drawbridges, letting my new siege operator (last one was slain by Sirobkubor) to take pot shots at them while remaining unreachable to their bows. Finally the orc archers were all either dead or too wounded to fire, so I chose to give my three newly trained champions their first taste of orc blood. As expected, the wounded orcs posed no threat and were swiftly cut down.
But when the last one of the orcs was about to get the hammer-to-face treatment a message of most terrifying of nature popped up: Urist McPumphelmet. Planter cancels plant seeds: Interrupted by orc wrestler.
The panic was total. A handful of orc wrestlers had snuck up to my Main Hall and were ripping through any of the defenceless dwarves unlucky enough to be attending the ongoing party. Those who managed to get away ran to my western hallway, a dead end.
But just when I thought my champions were way too far away to rescue the unfortunate partygoers, a hero emerged. One of my champions, Mafol Vabiksedil, Had decided to get a drink during the combat, so just when it looked like the orcs would slaughter the markdwarves I had hastily ordered to defend the hall, the orcs were put to the uncomfortable situation of lying in between a fully armored champion with a battle axe and his drink.
Mafol charged the orcs, giving my marksdwarves enough time to unload their quivers and my two other champions to get back from outside to kill off the orcs. Mafol himself, though was badly beaten and bled to death soon after, but not before killing the leader of the orc unit. Routdevil the Ominous Daub of Anguishing as my dwarves call him after killing most of my planters and a cook.
While this battle was won, I still had no idea how exactly the orcs had gotten into my fortress. I made a complete integrity check to my fort to ensure there wasn’t any small holes left to let invaders inside, none were found and I was left baffled by the incident.
So seasons went and the attack was left a mystery for me. However a year after this, in the middle of the goblin season when I was too occupied of keeping my woodcutters from being turned into needle cushions an another subterranean attack was encountered. This time a group of goblins ambushed one of my legendary planters who was planting seeds on my large farm. While the planter and a hauler were killed, I now knew the attackers emerged somewhere from the old fort, and a squad was set to guard duty in the area.
Finally I caught the Cave of Terror in action during an orc siege in 116. I had been routinely checking the old fort area every siege and finally I witnessed the foul event: When the orc siege entered the map, a single squad (consisting of wrestlers and hammerorcs) was spawned inside the cursed cave! Even better, the guard squad was only halfway back from it’s break and the Cave claimed it’s most expensive victim so far: My only brewer.
And that, my friends is why I sealed off the area.
tl:dr Enemies spawn here sometimes. - Servu

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Submitted by: Barbarossa the Seal God - 2009-09-30 to 113 Mid Autumn

Awesome entrance, multiple magmafalls, and a room with both water and magma to go into it.

5/5, my good sir. Bookmarked for future viewing.

Submitted by: Servu - 2009-10-04 to 113 Mid Autumn

As soon as I get back to my Dwarf Fortress computer I'll upload the current status and a little video. The waterfall is completed and is running rather nicely. There are many other expansions on the way too.


[Message edited on 2009/10/05 at 10:36 by Servu]

Submitted by: MetallicLion - 2009-10-05 to 117 Mid Spring

You can't hide that pentagram in the bottom floor.

Satanic fortress!

Submitted by: Servu - 2009-10-05 to 117 Mid Spring

Hey my dwarves don't mind. They have even scribbled some pentagrams to the walls themselves.

I don't know, but HFS in this map would make great justice. It would be awesome to find some in the only free mountain tile...
One can always dream.

edit: typo

[Message edited on 2009/10/06 at 01:20 by Servu]

Submitted by: Caranha - 2009-10-07 to 117 Mid Spring

Great map, and I loved the stories and your writing style! The "trampouline" room was hilarious.

Submitted by: Servu - 2009-10-07 to 117 Mid Spring

Thanks Barbarossa. I might even get an update up in a few days. There has been some Fun stuff happening once again.

edit: the update is up! I still have some PoIs to put up and a video to upload, but I'll do those later.

edit2: the video is up!

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Submitted by: Obsidian - 2009-11-15 to 120 Early Autumn

Damn, you have seen quite a few slaughters in your time, haven't you. Sweet fort.

I like how there's a bunch of puppies in the middle of the magma pentagon ._.

Submitted by: Servu - 2009-11-18 to 120 Early Autumn

Yeah the place is actually just next to the orc capital. They can siege me multiple times per year, and usually bring full armies complete with the dreaded crossbows.

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-03-20 to 127 Early Autumn

Love it, awesome and badass fortress.

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