Mafolzasit "Chamberknife" - 127 Early Autumn by Servu

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Dark days are upon Mafolzasit. The filling of the great lava lake of Greaterplans has drained The Fountain of Unions, the volcano that has kept the dwarves that dwell there warm for so long. Now the magmafall that once yielded it's warm embrace to the dining hall and the tunnels near it sits cold. The forges, once teeming with busy dwarves bending metal to their will with the glowing heat the Fountain provided them, are now covered in dust and cold has found it's residence among the workspaces. On the southern mountain and in the forests, ogres have begun to wander about, their wrath scaring any workers that happen to be crossing the bridge across the chasm, while the orcish armies continue to pound the outer defences. And while the foes have yet to cross the Bridge of Despair and live, the ever increasing reports of goblin squads being met inside the perimeter area are striking fear to the general populace that now is reluctant of leaving the underground halls without either the fortress guard and the military patrolling the road. But the greatest danger the fort is facing are not the goblins stalking the unwary peasant, nor it is the mighty orcs that keep fiercely charging through the defences. No, the real danger lies in the very heart of the fortress, in the most distant mining tunnels that have dared to seek the very core of The Wild Spines.

Visual Fortress

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Point of Interest: The story of Mafol Lokumazul

( 127 Early Autumn → onwards )

A few years ago (118 if I remember right) the fort was doing incredibly well. Orc sieges usually bought no archers and even the goblins had been quiet for some time.
At the same time I got some migrants I had no use for. (actually my pop cap had already been breached due to kids)
One of those migrants was a female hunter named Mafol Lokumazul who also had a husband and a child with her. As all of my construction was going on swell already and even dumping was made on time (!!!) I decided to assume her to hunting duty that used to be forbidden for the constant ambushing taking place outside.
During the next year Mafol proved to be very good in her profession; Every time I looked she was either chasing around a herd of buffaloes that often hang out nearby, or actually returning kills. In fact I even disabled my butcher's other duties as Mafol was bringing so much meat home (and there was a bunch of animals that I wanted to get rid of)
Whenever the orcs came to knock on my gates, Mafol always got in safely well before the invaders had even started to move towards my position. Once She didn't make it, but actually managed to stay unnoticed during the entire siege!
During that time she even gave birth to a baby, much to my annoyance since my system was struggling to keep track of all the existing dwarves anyway.
But in the early spring of 119, while Mafol was getting some well earned rest on a grass bed here (The moat was dug after this), a goblin ambush popped up right next to her! They were mostly wreslers with just loincloths and only sporting two hammermen, but still a worthy foe for a lone hunter.
I counted her dead as soon as I saw the goblins completely surround her, but Mafol would not go down that easily. She managed to kill one of the wrestlers by bludgeoning it with her crossbow, only sustaining a mangled knee and hip. But soon the goblins managed to pin her down and Mafol were unable to return any blows anymore.
Then one of goblin hammermen made a bad mistake: he threw Mafol away with a shield bash, causing her a bad injury to the lower body. (Too bad the baby she had with her wasn't as lucky, as it got killed instantly.) But now Mafol had some distance between her and the goblins. She had all her limbs free and had her crossbow still with her. She even had an almost full quiver of bolts for once. This is when I took a look to her stats. Legendary Crossbowdwarf.
The goblins were gunned down before you could say 'thermonuclear catsplosion' and Mafol, while immobilized, bleeding and unhappy for losing her baby, was still alive. I had had my slacking champions ordered her way as soon as the goblins had emerged, so help was not far away.
However, the goblins would not have that, and just when the champions made it through the north gate three other ambushes were revealed. Two of them with bows.
I have a policy regarding goblin archers: Everyone stays inside, no exeptions no matter what. My own crossbowdwarves deal with them safely befind fortifications.
Too bad my champions were already in their sights and the third ambush that consisted of melee units was in their way. Even better, I only had two champions on duty at that time as the other squad leader was sleeping at the time. Therefore the goblins managed to lock my champions at a melee while their ranged units did the dirty work.
The champions did survive (sporting fancy new spinal injuries though), but Mafol Lokumazul would not have that luxury. Her older child was just on his way to visit his mother, so when the aforementioned ambush took place, the kid was cut off from the rest of the fort.
Even worse, there was a bunch of goblins chasing him.
The kid was faster than the crappy wrestlers and made it to his mother just in time to have a nice chat with her before the goblins finished her up and snatched the child. - Servu

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Submitted by: Barbarossa the Seal God - 2009-09-30 to 113 Mid Autumn

Awesome entrance, multiple magmafalls, and a room with both water and magma to go into it.

5/5, my good sir. Bookmarked for future viewing.

Submitted by: Servu - 2009-10-04 to 113 Mid Autumn

As soon as I get back to my Dwarf Fortress computer I'll upload the current status and a little video. The waterfall is completed and is running rather nicely. There are many other expansions on the way too.


[Message edited on 2009/10/05 at 10:36 by Servu]

Submitted by: MetallicLion - 2009-10-05 to 117 Mid Spring

You can't hide that pentagram in the bottom floor.

Satanic fortress!

Submitted by: Servu - 2009-10-05 to 117 Mid Spring

Hey my dwarves don't mind. They have even scribbled some pentagrams to the walls themselves.

I don't know, but HFS in this map would make great justice. It would be awesome to find some in the only free mountain tile...
One can always dream.

edit: typo

[Message edited on 2009/10/06 at 01:20 by Servu]

Submitted by: Caranha - 2009-10-07 to 117 Mid Spring

Great map, and I loved the stories and your writing style! The "trampouline" room was hilarious.

Submitted by: Servu - 2009-10-07 to 117 Mid Spring

Thanks Barbarossa. I might even get an update up in a few days. There has been some Fun stuff happening once again.

edit: the update is up! I still have some PoIs to put up and a video to upload, but I'll do those later.

edit2: the video is up!

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Submitted by: Obsidian - 2009-11-15 to 120 Early Autumn

Damn, you have seen quite a few slaughters in your time, haven't you. Sweet fort.

I like how there's a bunch of puppies in the middle of the magma pentagon ._.

Submitted by: Servu - 2009-11-18 to 120 Early Autumn

Yeah the place is actually just next to the orc capital. They can siege me multiple times per year, and usually bring full armies complete with the dreaded crossbows.

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-03-20 to 127 Early Autumn

Love it, awesome and badass fortress.

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