Birdkey - 212 Late Spring by Dood

Map Description:

I tried to make a proper castle for my dwarfes to live in. Double high walls, towers, moat, drawbridges, etc.
This required mor stone and time than I initially thought, but in the end all is well.
Oh, and there is an goblin (and occasionally dwarf) incinerating magma shower at the entrance. =)

Point of Interest: Magma shower

The most deadly of defenses. Screw pumps dump magma onto the grates from above. Since the magma drains quite fast most creatures actually path through here. Usually the only thing thats left of them is their iron/steel equipment, ready to be recycled.
When the magma level in the bottom reservoir exceeds 2-3 the magma is likely to spill over and wreak havoc inside the gatehouse. - Dood

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Submitted by: Olddwarf - 2009-12-27 to 212 Late Spring

What colors and tileset are you using?

Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2009-12-27 to 212 Late Spring

Not 100% sure, but I think it might be Turnip.

Neat fort by the way. I've done some giant castle-type forts, they always take more than you might think. Magma shower looks "fun".

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