Waterdeep - 1051 Early Winter by matryx

Map Description:

Traders came without much note - some Lead Bars were acquired, but we're not going to use them anytime soon.
Soon it will be the winter freezing, so shortly there will be plans to dig underground and out into the lake. Although we are not yet ready to breach the lake itself, we can at least remove the surrounding wall and place some doors where we intend to start next year.
The exploratory shaft has been expanded to supply us with some rocks, although it is not going to serve much more purpose than mining fodder at the moment.

Point of Interest: Farms and food processing

( 1051 Early Winter → onwards )

The farms will keep our dwarves sustained for the forseeable future.
8 Plots to the north are underground and will grow Quarry Bushes for sustenance, the 4 to the south are open to the air to allow us the occasional indulgence into foreign tipples.
The two workshops you can see are a threshers (farmer's workshop) on the left, and a kitchen on the right. Can't eat Quarry bush leaves raw / off the vine! - matryx

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Submitted by: Idles - 2007-11-19 to 1053 Early Spring

Totally sweet. It's too bad the lake is only 2 z-levels deep, or you could make some totally massive structures.

Submitted by: Flok - 2007-11-19 to 1053 Early Spring

You're missing the point of water:

If he digs down FOR the lake, he can expand it to the lowest level possible!

He could fill the entire damn MAP with water, as ill-advised that may be.

Submitted by: thatguyyaknow - 2007-11-19 to 1053 Early Spring

very good. question, will you stick with green glass or eventually convert over to clear?

Submitted by: matryx - 2007-11-19 to 1053 Early Spring

Clear glass might be used in some areas, but unless I can import Rock Crystals, crystal glass won't be.

And Flok has the right idea, I intend to expand the lake-bed where needed so allow for further underwater "expansion" - I believe the lake already gets filled up from the South and East map edges, but I haven't confirmed that yet.

[Message edited on 2007/11/19 at 07:37 by matryx]

Submitted by: Grantyman - 2007-12-21 to 1054 Early Spring

Wonderful! I don't get why you don't have more comments. You should. I have never tried to build something underwater, but the glass idea is cool! also, I have a question. How do you free up bags for glassmaking? Mine are always full of seeds and the like. Anyway, Great temple!

Submitted by: llamavore - 2007-12-21 to 1054 Early Spring

does the glass actually require reinforcement in-game? or is that just a bit of realism? and i wonder what kind of crops you can grow underwater... or if you can have an aquarium with turtles or larger water fauna and such. keep us updated.

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