Dance of Spears - 447 Late Summer by RedWick

Map Description:

Dance of Spears, one year later(ish). My population is only up to 11, but I think I capped the pop at a different fort and never reset it.

I love sites like these despite not having any of the underground goodies. I could've moved my fortress north by two or three squares and had access to HFS, but this spot, with the rolling road and the interesting landscape just lends itself to my style of fortress building.

Point of Interest: Farms

I usually make my farms into 6x6 rooms, and have two 3x6 plots in each. I decided to go with something a little bit more aesthetically pleasing, since I'm not worried about space.

The room along the top edge is seed storage for my underground plants. The 6x6 rooms are strictly for underground plant storage. If I decide to get really crazy, I might have each stockpile set to accept only one kind of plant.

Once/if I decide to get a solid cloth-making industry going, I'll put pig-tail specific farm plots somewhere else on the map, and set up a farm->thresher->loom->clothier chain so I don't have dwarves running all over the place. - RedWick

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2009-12-16 to 449 Early Summer

RedWick I love the way you're not ruining my eyes with secondary graphic tilesets. Yes, and the courtyard is the coolest thing yet today. Og my hosh, those farms are just pretty! Looks like glass but I guess it's just microcline because I use a mod in which I can't make anything out of microcline (it's like nuclear waste, won't melt in magma either)

And then to the magma! I suggest you just be very dwarvenly and burn down the jungle! It looks cool! Presuming you have magma to pump on the forest. Also, alcohol is a cool thing to blow up in a magma pit! Else it's pretty useless.

Submitted by: RedWick - 2009-12-16 to 449 Early Summer

I'm used to the old rogue-likes, so I have a hard time switching over to using a tileset.

As for the farms...I had some miscellaneous microline blocks, and thought it might look interesting. The effect ends up looking like there's a ditch full of water sitting around each farm. I rather like how it looks and I think I'll probably do that sort of thing in future fortresses.

And alas, this map has no magma! In fact, I don't think it has much of anything other than the road running through it. Hehe...

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