Dentedcastle - 465 Early Summer by Andrea

Map Description:

2 years later, tower is grown, few other dwarves died in sieges, fields are producing much more and now they are not cultivated in winter. Dining room is finally finished, and I am having an hard time cleaning the place from goblin stuff. I want to sell fortress made clothing, but these goblins bring so much...

Point of Interest: Cloth industry

( 465 Early Summer → 550 )

This level , and the level above, are fully dedicated to manufacturing cloth, cloth, and more cloth. The output, when I'll have enough dwarves, will be enough to cover all the dwarves in the world. Don't call me elf for this: cloth is a great way to employ large numbers of dwarves and give reasonable wealth. Also, I am mercilessly butchering more than 10 thousands of trees to make this, then some more to get glass, metal and potash for the farms. This is one of the greatest environmental dangers of the world.
At the moment, i am using 3 different dyes ( red, green and blue), number which is not likely to change. - andrea

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Submitted by: Pkassad - 2009-11-06 to 463 Late Spring

Awesome fortress. I started a new fort and am making a modified layout of your castle. Hopefully I can get a map of it up soon.

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