Oneconstruct - 1055 Mid Summer by UncleJam

Map Description:

A goblin siege, and a hydra, have made this year a bit more deadly than the last.

Point of Interest: Commiseration Station

Pretty much everyone here is injured in some way or another. The marksdwarves got slaughtered during the goblin siege, because most of them were sleeping at the entrance. Of the remaining two, one got pissed afterwards and beat the crap out of the other one. Then the sheriff came and made the offending dwarf's body all kinds of mangled. So I had to enlist an entirely new marksdwarf squad. (who by the way, got eliminated except for one when the hydra visited). Then a mechanic got pissed off after the siege, and decided to attack the mayor. The mayor, mind you, is a Legendary Swordsdwarf. Except he didn't fight back. So the mayor got his leg broken and then the mechanic got leveled by the sheriff. Since the sheriff was causing so much misery I set the position to vacant. Since the mayor sat in bed for most of the year a new mayor got elected, yet another swordsdwarf. - UncleJam

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-11-14 to 1053 Early Winter

It feels very organic, the cave in the middle between the fort and the farm is cool, I bet this would be a cool place to explore as an adventurer.

Submitted by: Sweerbfeene - 2008-11-22 to 1054 Early Winter

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