Flightwheeled - 1055 Early Winter by SL

Map Description:

This is the latest map of my current fort. It was freezing up a few minutes after loading, apparently due to a dwarf tantruming, but 33b fixed that bug. :)

Point of Interest: Waste Management

( 1052 Mid Summer → onwards )

This is the same as the waste management system that I came up with in the old version of DF - each refuse stockpile space is a one-tile space behind a door, except for the shell/bone/skull stockpile in the middle which also serves as a hall. So, anything which generates miasma will do so in a one-tile space behind a door, which a dwarf will never have any reason to enter (until it decays entirely and no longer generates miasma).

A bit more explanation:
I designated the center bone/shell/skull stockpile first, then designated the regular refuse stockpile so that it covered all the tiles behind the doors (it would cover the bone/shell/skull stockpile too, except newly designated stockpiles will not replace existing ones). The stockpile for the spaces behind the doors allows all refuse except for bones, shells, and skulls. The center (bone/shell/skull) stockpile is set to take from the regular refuse stockpile, so when something decays into a bone/shell/skull, it gets moved. - SL

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2007-11-08 to 1052 Mid Summer

Those stairs are so hard to spot, I honestly thought your trade depot was in the middle of no where. 14 floors up.

Submitted by: Flok - 2007-11-20 to 1058 Early Summer

No sand? Looks like you have beaches, though... Unless that's rock.

Submitted by: SL - 2007-11-20 to 1058 Early Summer

There's rock, sandy clay, and peat near the brook. (Along with some outdoors farms - maybe that's what you're looking at)

Oh, the very light whiteish tiles? Those are solid unmined chalk tiles.

Submitted by: Tier - 2007-11-21 to 1058 Early Summer

I like your approach. Everything looks very professional.

Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2007-11-22 to 1058 Early Summer

Perhaps you could preserve the integrity of your 'diving board' if you added raised drawbridges on either side of it.

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