Dentedcastle - 463 Late Spring by Andrea

Map Description:

In the past, i already attempted a tower fort, but never finished it. This time, instead of scaling it down so it is easier, i decided to go the full way and build a whole castle. All fortress walls are marble blocks, while building walls, inner walls and floors use wood blocks.
The whole fort is aboveground and i am trying to shape it like a village, with several areas ( see points of interest). The goal is not only to finish it, but get a king and start a good, working economy and giving a job to each of the 200+ dwarves I have (in 463 I am below that number, due to a small problem involving water, drinks and tantrums)

Point of Interest: The soil layer

This is the only underground part of the fortress ( the mines aren't part of the fortress. Just needed to build it. And useful to keep people inside during sieges). At the beginning of the game I can't spend all the time making aboveground stockpiles while my dwarves freeze, so i dig underground stockpiles. Usually it is just an huge room, but i decided i would try this modular thing. Which respects the cave in rule, thanks to the central pillar in each room.
The floors near stairs are old memories from "accidents" when moving some floors in the beginning.
On the right, the wood stockpiles. In the center, food stockpiles. On the left, totally stored in bins, the blocks.
Scattered around, armor, weapon and (overflowing) finished goods stockpiles.
There is also a farm plot (lovely modular design), used to grow dimple cups, so that i can get more dye. - andrea

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Submitted by: Pkassad - 2009-11-06 to 463 Late Spring

Awesome fortress. I started a new fort and am making a modified layout of your castle. Hopefully I can get a map of it up soon.

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