Floornet - 234 Early Spring by ElTea

Map Description:

A few minutes after reclaim. I've had abandoned this fort (quite a few times) mostly because of FPS issues. Its first fall around 203 was from a massive starvation. The others had me pulling levers to claim some lives.

I've played on the world with a few fortresses after abandon, so a bunch of years have passed and the loot is scattered all around. It's a mess, and the bottomless pit is filled with meanies.

Point of Interest: 8. Control Center

( 234 Early Spring → onwards )

Hidden under various cloth pieces lies an artifact tanzanite cage which used to contain most the the meat of the fortress. There's levers for bridges, cages and a few other things I don't remember.

The room to the right houses the Captain of the Guard. The old one had a titan in the cage next to his desk, to keep him from sleeping on his shift.

Animals restrains are in the little pens on the top right to keep my fps acceptable while breeding. - ElTea

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