Firethrone - 202 Early Autumn by erdtirdmans

Map Description:

Shortly after the caravan arrived, we were able to recover Imush's corpse. Much of the outline of the underground bits of the fortress has been marked for mining.

Also, the caravan (which I don't think made it into the picture) HAS AN ANVIL! BOOYAH!

Point of Interest: Stockpiles, top floor

( 202 Early Autumn → onwards )

The top floor of the stockpiles, positioned conveniently below their relevant workshops.

NW: Wood
N: Animal (forgot to mark it in 202 Autumn)
NE: Cloth, Leather, and Dye
SW: Bar-Block and Sand
SSW: Magma channel, both for the functionality of the workshops above and for the dump chute on the Trade Depot level
S: Siege Parts & Arrowheads (forgot to mark it in 202 Autumn)
SE: WeaponTrap, Ammo, and Armor - erdtirdmans

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-11-09 to 205 Late Autumn

Looking good.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2009-11-10 to 203 Mid Winter

I want to see this when it's done

Submitted by: erdtirdmans - 2009-11-27 to 205 Late Autumn

The slow crawl of magma flow and a tantrum spiral have severely delayed things, but i'll be sure to post an updated map when it's ready.

(over 200 coffins at the moment... i officially have more dead dwarves than live ones!)

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