Firethrone - 202 Early Summer by erdtirdmans

Map Description:

The Grizzly Kin's new home, designed by Imush Ushatled and Udib Zugarlisid.

~ Using Mike Mayday's Tileset ~

Point of Interest: Access Shaft

( 202 → 204 )

Managed to save the dwarves from a massacre by roving bands of undead by having them build this access shaft down from the surface and then sealing it off. As you can see north of here, it also served as a temporary refuse pile.
But most importantly: it gave me peace of mind while I meticulously carved out the fortress according to my pre-drawn plans. I know losing is fun, but so is making a 14-level castle that you spent days designing and tweaking. - erdtirdmans

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-11-09 to 205 Late Autumn

Looking good.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2009-11-10 to 203 Mid Winter

I want to see this when it's done

Submitted by: erdtirdmans - 2009-11-27 to 205 Late Autumn

The slow crawl of magma flow and a tantrum spiral have severely delayed things, but i'll be sure to post an updated map when it's ready.

(over 200 coffins at the moment... i officially have more dead dwarves than live ones!)

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