Gasolurvad - 1054 by Slartibartfast

Map Description:

A young, budding fortress in its third year.
This is my currently playing fortress, and isn't that well planned, but I liked some of the designs on it, and hopefuly with a few explanations it can also be used to help newbies a bit A BBCode picture

Its also a nice way for me to remember how it used to look, so I can view it years from now and see how the cool designs put into action compare to the blueprints.

Also, this is my first uploaded map, so it will give me a chance to see how this DB works A BBCode picture

Point of Interest: Mini Fortress

( 1000 Early Spring → 2000 Late Winter )

The long corridor with the double floodgates at the end was the first thing I built, the floodgates flood the corridor so you can farm in it. To the left of that door was a barracks for initial dwarves to rest in, as well as food stockpiles to prevent wild animals from stealing it from the wagons.
The upper corridor with the copper ore in it was supposed to be the main fortress, until I found the river and saw it was impossible to set up a fortress there. - Slartibartfast

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Submitted by: Slartibartfast - 2007-06-09 - Removed

Submitted by: Slartibartfast - 2007-06-09 - Removed

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-06-10 to 1054

Its a common mistake, I'll have to do something about the form. I've removed the comments that should have been Points of Interest.

Submitted by: Slartibartfast - 2007-06-13 to 1055

I didn't bring back all of the POIs, mostly stuff that didn't change at all from the last fortress, so if you are interested in them (they are mostly newbie advices and explanations) just check 'em out in the previous fortress.

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