Ceilingact - 310 Early Spring by Phlamethrower

Map Description:

A year and a bit later, and the flood damage has been repaired and the magma tank is almost full. Now all I need is some orcs to test it out on.

Point of Interest: Emergency magma forges

( 310 Early Spring → onwards )

While cleaning up the obsidian left behind by the magma/water flood, the miners accidentally let a floor tile drop and punch through several layers of the fortress - including a portion of the magma pipe. The main forge room to the south had to be quickly sealed off to prevent the magma from flooding the rest of the fortress.

To keep the metalsmith industry running while the cleanup operation was in process, this room was excavated and used to house new magma forges. - Phlamethrower

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Submitted by: Phlamethrower - 2009-06-08 to 304 Early Spring

Operation GET WELL SOON was a complete success!

By which I mean it failed.

Although it succeeded in generating lots of water and killing a kitten, the water then promptly ran straight down the funnel and out a hole in the bottom of the map.

Well, you learn something new every day.

Submitted by: Doppel - 2009-06-27 to 307 Early Spring

You managed to make a mini chasm by accident? How freaking cool is that.

Submitted by: Asra - 2009-08-04 to 308 Late Autumn

Do Dwarves actually freeze if their beds aren't close to magma?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-19 to 311 Late Autumn

Sealing the fort with magma... ?

Submitted by: Phlamethrower - 2009-09-19 to 311 Late Autumn

Well, it keeps the orcs out.

Everyone died, BTW. A goblin seige turned up just as the last baby died, so the goblins ended up claiming victory.

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