Workshower - 163 Mid Autumn by UncleJam

Map Description:

Workshower is an above ground fortress using the Civilization Forge Mod. Self imposed rule of no traps and no raising bridges.

Point of Interest: Front Gate / Bridge Battle

This is the one and only gate into Workshowers, other gates were eliminated when I was having trouble with dwarfs committing fish-assisted suicide into the river.

A big battle has just taken place with the violent xelics at the bridge. Heavy dwarf losses occurred because all 3 xelic squads were lead by elite bowmen. Thankfully an immigration wave showed up right after the battle, and due to a decree issued 2 years ago all newly arrived immigrants immediately start their 5 year required military service. - UncleJam

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Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-09-06 to 170 Late Summer

I like it. This fortress has character

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