Reclusestaves - 204 Mid Spring by Pkassad

Map Description:

Yay, year 2 is now rolling around. Lots of things have been done, but much more has yet to be started.

I was lucky enough to have decent coal and iron reserves, and I got my metal industry up and running by the end of winter. Food is becoming a problem, I need to fix it before its to late.

Goals for this year:
- Finish digging out the fort.
- Clear out storage rooms.
- Move in Workshops.
- Furnish Bedrooms

Secondary goals:
- Furnish Dinning Hall
- Train 2 Full squads (4 dwarfs per squad).
- Start Engineers Corps.

Point of Interest: Dinning Hall

- Pkassad

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Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2009-08-12 to 204 Mid Spring

Wow whats up with your enterance, It's 2 levels with multiple ramps? Are you planning to flood the bottom level or something?

Submitted by: Pkassad - 2009-08-13 to 204 Mid Spring

I am going to fill each of the bottem parts with a particular trap. So cage traps in one, weapon in another etc. By doing that I can choose which traps I want the goblins to run into. The area above the entrance will be dug out and channeled so I can put archers in there. They are reversed so instead of shooting Far to Short, they shoot Short to Long. This makes them hit more and they dont waste half their arrows missing.

The twisty part after the ramped area, is were I can station dwarves in "Airlocks" to attack the goblins in the tunnels without allowing another way into the fort. They whole twisty part is actually a false entrance. It will have animals at the end to make the gobos go to it. I cover the first ramp to seal that entrance.

Submitted by: Fedor - 2009-08-13 to 204 Mid Spring

The "short to long" defence sounds briliant. It sounds so good, in fact, that I plan to adopt it in my next fort!

Submitted by: Pkassad - 2009-08-13 to 204 Mid Spring

Its not my original idea. Its called reverse fortifications. Though I believe that the bridge/ramp part is unique to my fort. I also have a Siege-be-Gone, I will most likely start construction on it end of winter this year or early next year.

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