Arrowtheaters - 206 Mid Autumn by lordsigmund

Map Description:

Had an idea to build a fortress where the entrance was through a natural waterfall. wanted a place with magma too but got bored looking for somewhere with a waterfall and magma without an aquifer. Bleh.

Point of Interest: Meeting Room/Statue Garden

( 206 Mid Autumn → onwards )

Water flows down the engraved walls covered by walls of green glass so the dwarves can enjoy the mist (sort of lol). Didnt originally ahve the glass, but the pumps pushed too much water in and flooded the room a bit.

You can also see the top level of the housing complex below and one floor of the food storage to the right. - lordsigmund

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Submitted by: azemute - 2009-08-04 to 206 Mid Autumn

I really like the design for the mist-room and living quarters, novel and aesthetically pleasing.

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