Defini Iwethi "Frost Walls" - 210 Early Winter by azemute

Map Description:

Finally, after several epic struggles, the internal fortress is ready to be lived in. Getting to this point has been a bit dicey, several mishaps [lost all three initial miners], lack of barrels and beds, several near-tantrum-spirals due to massive casualties fighting off elves and gobos.

Even though things are still a bit messy, currently status as follows:

-internal river and venting systems
-internal reservoir
-internal farms [and flooding system]
-suspended trade dais [on supports]
-sluse system for purging of 'clutter' on said trade dais and
-catch system for any 'clutter' that might have found it's way onto the trade depot dais
-water-locking system allowing to ensure that all the clutter off the trade depot is actually dead before flushing.
-secondary purge system [aka, fire them out the front gates - for emergencies or when there are hostiles still in the main entrance tunnel]
-all waterways are reinforced with paved road to deter Tower-Cap growth

Tested yet not functional:
-power systems are tested though not hooked up
-magma bottle is nearly ready to be filled, though there are some decisions left to be made regarding magma forging and obsidian generation on the lower levels.

To do:
-Discover Magma [rough location is known and close]
-Discover 'Other Features'
-Discover underground pool
-Fill Magma corridor
-Get Forging up and running
-Finish Barracks
-Build the lower warrens

Casualties to date: 53

Point of Interest: Main Barracks and Armory

The main barracks is currently in shambles due to it's temporary construction. Eventually, this space will be divided into archery ranges and living quarters for the troops. Food and a dedicated dining hall will also be located on this floor, as well as the captain of the guard's office and mayor's offices. - azemute

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Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2009-07-30 to 210 Early Winter

Beautiful fortress design. I love the symmetry, and the gadgetry involved in the defense system.

One question -- are your living quarters far enough from your manufacturing to avoid noise pollution?

Submitted by: azemute - 2009-08-03 to 210 Early Winter


Actually, being that the living quarters are buffered by storage areas, no one has complained at all... even those right beside the main stairwells.

I'm going to upload a new copy tonight or tomorrow for year 219 or 220 since there have been some major additions.

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