Sodelmörul - 1060 Early Spring by Sentack

Map Description:

Welcome to the City of Sodelmörul! Also known as Shieldpage! Home to about 90 Dwarves, 32 of which are involved with the Military at this time.

This map shows the fort at around the time of Year 10 in the very early spring! The snow hasn't all melted yet and the river is still covered in ice. So far, since the year 1054, the fort has been sieged every year by Goblins. The past two seasons alone have been meet with sieges. But the Dwarves persist.

I'm not a very creative fort builder. Often times, I sacrifice visual appeal for practicality and simplicity. That being said, I'm also a rabid fan of tidiness. Thus, the dwarves labor away a great deal at arranging rocks to keep the clutter down. Now I haven't been very successful at keeping the clutter down to a minimum but I'm satisfied with how things are going so far. Never the less, the work continues! Most of the dwarves are hauling now. Arranging things for the craftsman, although few of them actually craft much, as the Sieges have left me with bundles of litter to pick up, and thus much of my dwarves spend their time with that.

Currently, I just finished up nuking the chasm, and now am working to put in some lava defenses. I intend to make an alternative 'Siege' entrance just for the goblins and trolls. Something where they should end up meeting a rather nasty hot surprise at the end of it. This might take some time to complete. But for now, stockpiles need to be arranged and cleared. Much work is to be done, all around.

Point of Interest: The Great Hall

Here we see my Forts "Great Hall" Or Basically the center of my dwarven's population life. On the Top is the commoners housing area. Fairly plain, while smoothed, it's also got some very basic rock furniture. Centered we have (From left to right) The food processing area, The great commoners dinning hall, then next to that is the barracks followed lastly by the jail. Most of the dwarves spend their time around here. Lastly on the bottom we have noble housing along with the noble dinning and throne room shared space. It's large enough and double engraved for a high value. Even shared it's considered a throne room. Lastly at the end, Is the dwarves simple and modest statue garden, home of parties and dwarves on breaks, with an artifact statue near it's center. - Sentack

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2007-10-19 to 1061 Early Spring

Such a neat and tidy fort, yet it seems so empty... Very cool tileset btw, which is it?

Submitted by: Sentack - 2007-10-19 to 1061 Early Spring

When it comes to forts, I'm such an ungodly neat freak it's not funny. It used to be a lot more full until the constant sieges came around and have been real hell on my fort.

The tile set is one I've hacked together on my own from bits and pieces I've seen and liked from other tile sets, including but not limited to Zaratustra and Kein. I'm not quite sure I like the 'containers' so far, but everything else is pretty neat.

Also, I've make heavy use of the granite.exe and hide.exe tools to help clear out annoying ore and gem deposits in my way.

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-10-19 to 1061 Early Spring

Ah, so that's why I recognize those walls!

Would you post the tileset to the wiki? I dislike the FPS reduction that occurs with large tilesets, and haven't been able to make a good, small tileset yet.

Submitted by: Fedor - 2007-10-24 to 1060 Early Spring

This is one of the more elegant and practical fortress centers I've seen. The tileset also works well, especially with engravings. Congrats!

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