Sainthames - 304 Early Summer by Ignem

Map Description:

This is my first map where I was dead sure that I would have both magma and an underground river, turns out the underground river spans about 20 squares and is filled with lizardmen and such. I will take care of them in the future, the other river works well except that it freezes during winter (darn magma isn't keeping the nearby river liquid, atleast it doesn't evaporate so I'll be glad!) and all I wanted was to try making a tower-cap farm for the first time.

Point of Interest: Line of Defense

Some would say that my defense is crude, but I don't want to put TOO much effort into making an impenetrable fortress, I have built coffins for a purpose! That middle weapon-trap has something like 8 large serrated iron discs and 2 iron spears, the other traps are just cage-traps and stone-fall traps. - Ignem

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Submitted by: Ashery - 2009-07-21 to 304 Early Summer

Oo...I like the more natural looking mining pattern. Definitely looks better than the usual grid like patterns.

I feel sorry for any dwarf sleeping in the barracks during a siege, though, as it's open to archer fire from every direction but the east, haha.

Next step: Go trapless XD

Submitted by: Ignem - 2009-07-22 to 304 Early Summer

Oh, you should have seen the previous incarnation, it had a door on the south instead of the east and one raid in particular I had to replay was when they snuck in and killed a few civilian dwarves that slept in the barracks. I never had a problem with the fortification though, I have a larger group of marksdwarves than sworddwarves. They are just not present in the barracks at this shot, and I later buildt a wall around my fortress that makes anything being fired upon as they work towards the entrance.

Yeah, traps are way powerful, but right now I want to try catching lots of goblins for weird experiments, it's my first time doing so.

Submitted by: Qjet - 2009-08-13 to 304 Early Summer

that is a sweet exploratory cave you carved out.

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