The Artifice - 83 Late Autumn by Silhouette

Map Description:

Fortress was made with a modified version of the Dig Deeper mod by 13th Ronin on Bay12 Forums. The modified attributes were additional damage block and individual attribute additions to megabeasts, including dragons, as well as additional civilizations: Fae, Felpool, Angelic, and Naga civilizations. The Naga Civilization is a modified version of Karen's Naga Civ, edited to allow for more balance between Civs.

The Dig Deeper mod caused Orcs to ferociously attack the fortress, resulting in the need to wall up and form effective means of slaughter and siege defense. The results are the large, almost entirely symmetrical courtyards, walkways, and towers that extend above the fortress, as well as a multiple-entry tunnel system whose gates are controlled from a single switch room. The Bath and Spa room is located just across from the Barracks, which the dwarves use for it's continuous mist-generating capabilities, as well as covering them in water, rather than any other grime they managed to pick up, as well as teaching them to swim without danger. The barracks themselves are two levels high, on the north end, the first level with the beds and sparring facilities, the top area with Archery targets and Easily Accessible Ammo bins. The center of this area is where I keep the damned Black Dragon that was breaking all my stuff. (Flew over the ramparts after I gave all the dragons wings and the [FLIER] tag)

Back in the center, the public Mausoleum is on the Western side, all currently 'filled' tombs are sealed up with grates, for a touch of class and finality. All but the bottom row is saved for dwarves only, with the bottom being a spill-over row for dwarves, as well as pets. Above this is the dungeon, multiple cages stationed to keep disorderly dwarves or captured enemies in line before judgement and sentence is passed.

On the other, Eastern side, is the Dining Hall. Stocked with some food supplies, it's grand hall is a favored meeting place for many dwarves. Above it, perhaps counterproductive, is the Zoo, with a separate room and cage for extra animals not needed in the main room.

Seven Guard towers circle the fortress, with three levels, the third being the one available from the ramparts and containing rations for any stationed soldiers. These soldiers are often set to harass wildlife, just so any nearby pheasants will become an extra bit of food for the fortress, on the chance encounter. Three sets of guards patrol every inch of the fortifications on the Ramparts, as well, circling for anything the Towers might miss.

Towering above all of this is our Noble's tower, stacked high upon the mostly unused center building. Wealth and luxury, of course. One for each possible noble, skill-based, or immigrant.

Going back down, the floors beneath the entrance level progress downwards as follows:
*Stockpile Floor - All of our goods sit here for allocation into other, immediate stockpiles.
*Workshop Floor - Two of every workshop, with magma substitutes for Furnaces and Smelters, are on this floor, as well as the vault of coins, and the shaft that leads to the dig site near the chasm.
*Residential Quarters - Each Dwarf receives smooth floors and walls, four tiles, including a bed, cabinet, and chest, and statues gracing the corner of each bend in a nice fractal pattern. There's also the large channel from the Magma pipe, used to fuel the furnaces above.

Point of Interest: A bolt in a tree

I sw this and thought it was funny. Theirs a bolt in the tree - Soccerbanter23

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Submitted by: Zekrish - 2009-07-08 to 83 Late Autumn

Really nice fortress! How is the mod? Worth the time installing?

Submitted by: Silhouette - 2009-07-08 to 83 Late Autumn

Thanks! The mod is genuinely fun, I must say, though extremely challenging if you walk into it without any prior knowledge of what comes with it. Orcs are extremely powerful versions of goblins that siege -every- year, potentially during every season, sometimes even in tandem with goblins (If they make it through worldgen against the orcs.)

That said, the sheer amount of things it adds makes it worthwhile. Having that many more dragons, and megabeasts in general, as well as many obscure and valuable metals, rocks, plants, and creatures is just a great way to add value to the gameplay.

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