Granite Clasps - 1055 Mid Summer by ColdSnickersBar

Map Description:

No sieges yet. I have a military of about 15 marksmen and a crack team of 5 triple-legendary dwarves that are just now training for swordsdwarves. They all have legendary in engraving, mining, and siege operating, and have more than normal in wrestling, shield using, and armor using. They have just begun on sworddwarfship.

Constructed a gladiator arena next to the gate. Check the point of interest.

Point of Interest: Dining hall

( 1055 Mid Summer → onwards )

- ColdSnickersBar

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Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2007-10-06 to 1054 Mid Summer

That is a pretty awesome entrance. :D

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-10-06 to 1054 Mid Summer

Only a pretty awesome entrance?

With some improvement, it could easily rival the entrance of Copperblazes.

Submitted by: Sewerbird - 2007-10-06 to 1054 Mid Summer

Very pretty entryway: it is definitely the standout-feature of your fortress :)

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-10-07 to 1054 Mid Summer

The entrance; it's got style and that's what counts :)

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-10-08 to 1055 Mid Summer

Excellent placement for the gladiator arena... are the crenulations to the north planned areas for prisoners?

Submitted by: ColdSnickersBar - 2007-10-08 to 1055 Mid Summer

No, actually. I filled those with light stone statues, inspired by the statues at the Colosseum in Rome.

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