Rivercross: DF Masters Round 1 - 1000 Early Spring by Solifuge

Map Description:

DF Masters Competition (7/4/2009)
Round 1: Rivercross

This is Rivercross, future home of a grand Dwarven Fortress built on and in the cliffs of a Major River canyon.

Point of Interest: ** Major River

At 29 Cubits across (nearly 90ft, or 25m), The Sable Lock is easily the largest river in The Realm of Myth. Schools of hungry Sturgeon and Carp prowl its swiftly-flowing waters, which cut a treacherous 8 Cubit deep canyon between sheer claystone cliffs. - Solifuge

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Submitted by: Solifuge - 2009-07-03 to 1000 Early Spring

DF Masters Competition: Round 1
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Submitted by: A_Fey_Dwarf - 2009-07-04 to 1000 Early Spring

Holy carp!

Submitted by: Qjet - 2009-08-16 to 1000 Early Spring

What a rather large canyon.

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