Ceilingact - 307 Early Spring by Phlamethrower

Map Description:

A fairly uneventful spring led into a large Orc seige in the summer, at the same time as the human caravan arrived. The wagons made it inside safely, but the donkeys and muskoxen were slaughtered, causing the wagons to cancel trading. Thus, when I lowered the drawbridge in order to allow the orcs to enter, the wagons decided it would be a good time to leave. It wasn't.

End result: Almost the entire contents of the human caravan has now been recovered and stockpiled. Only a couple of military dwarves were lost during the battle with the orcs, but due to dwarves rushing to grab the loot from the caravan, and several squad leaders deciding to go to sleep instead of stand at their posts, there were many civilian casualties. Tantrums and general unhappiness led to approximately 20 more deaths following the seige, but didn't quite reach the critical mass required for a tantrum spiral. Three notable deaths involved the mayor (following punishment for building destruction during a tantrum), the duke (striken by madness following the death of a close friend), and the duchess (died of thirst following the death of the duke).

But on the bright side, the orcs brought ample iron to allow the construction of the remaining machinery for the doomsday device, and the generous trading with the dwarven caravan should increase the chances of more migrants arriving soon (and hopefully some bauxite with the next dwarven caravan).

Point of Interest: Frozen magma pumps

I spotted that the magma pumps which had been built on ice flooring were marked as 'frozen'. Rather than risk the chance of them not working (or the ice floors melting due to proximity to the magma) I decided it would be best to go back and rebuild the affected pumps.

The pumps which had been built above ground were not marked as frozen, so once the natural ice floors have been removed and rebuilt with rock everything should be OK. - Phlamethrower

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Submitted by: Phlamethrower - 2009-06-08 to 304 Early Spring

Operation GET WELL SOON was a complete success!

By which I mean it failed.

Although it succeeded in generating lots of water and killing a kitten, the water then promptly ran straight down the funnel and out a hole in the bottom of the map.

Well, you learn something new every day.

Submitted by: Doppel - 2009-06-27 to 307 Early Spring

You managed to make a mini chasm by accident? How freaking cool is that.

Submitted by: Asra - 2009-08-04 to 308 Late Autumn

Do Dwarves actually freeze if their beds aren't close to magma?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-19 to 311 Late Autumn

Sealing the fort with magma... ?

Submitted by: Phlamethrower - 2009-09-19 to 311 Late Autumn

Well, it keeps the orcs out.

Everyone died, BTW. A goblin seige turned up just as the last baby died, so the goblins ended up claiming victory.

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