Prairiekeys, A Desert Outpost - 313 Mid Summer by roundedge

Map Description:

Something I've been casually playing on and off for a bit. For the longest time I'd had ~80 dwarves and I could not figure out why, until I remembered I had a population cap on. I think I'm going to redesign some of the architecture, specifically on the top middle part. The goal is to create an outdoor village around the central fortress, filled with housing complexes, bars, churches, zoos etc.

Point of Interest: The food processor

This thing is EFFICIENT. Outdoor and indoor plant types are grown on levels 14 and 13. Raw produce is stored on level 12, which is then processed on level 11, processed produce is moved directly beneath the cooks, which make 30,000 zorkmid roasts which are then stored on level 10. current food stock: 13000 other, 6000 drink. I've mostly stopped production for the past few years so we can all focus on construction. - roundedge

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Submitted by: Vattic - 2009-06-26 to 313 Mid Summer

Magnificent fort. Nice overall design, epic by my standards.

Submitted by: Doppel - 2009-06-26 to 313 Mid Summer

Truly a terrific fort. It probably took you quite a while to designate all those diagonals and circular shapes.

Submitted by: NVampire - 2009-06-27 to 313 Mid Summer

It's glorious!I mean it...Truly glorious!

Submitted by: Lacero - 2009-06-28 to 313 Mid Summer

Awesome. I love circles.

Submitted by: Ironhand - 2010-04-29 to 313 Mid Summer


Do you not have temperature turned on?
I noticed nothing seems to be melting in your magma.

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-04-30 to 313 Mid Summer

Magnificent, epic, spectacular, wonderful, awe-inspiring fortress of awesome, keep up the good work! :D

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