Temptedclasped-Mountainguard - 304 Early Winter by Aldaris

Map Description:

My built-to-be-impressive fort
Now with added mild file corruption.

Point of Interest: Great hall and cliff housing

The great hall, the mining designations should spell out 'king' but that got corrupted. The ravine to the right is covered on this side with housing, the nobles have the top floor. - Aldaris

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Submitted by: TanSerrai - 2009-06-29 to 304 Early Winter

My compliments!

Question: I assume that you did excavate the spire - or is this a natural feature? Its impressive anyway...I especially like the main bridge connecting the spire to the cliff...I always dislike the unrealistic 'flat but long' bridges so seeing one with 'correct' supports is very nice.

Submitted by: Aldaris - 2009-06-30 to 304 Early Winter

The spire is natural, except for the sheer cliff on the southern end, I dug that out. When I embark, I take a look at the site and determine what I want to do with the fort and how to achieve it. I went for impressive because the site worked so well with that. Then I made the entrance bridge, and went on from there.

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