Chucktrade - 203 Mid Spring by YF-23

Map Description:

Been a while since I last uploaded a map, and I believe that even now not much has happened. However, there ARE some plans laid out for the future of the fort which I believe are worth noting.

Point of Interest: To Be: Pet Killer Room

There's going to be spikes and a lever here. On the most recent immigration wave I got two pet kittens, opposite genders. Really annoying. - YF-23

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-05-29 to 201 Late Summer

No water or rivers on this map?

Submitted by: YF-23 - 2009-05-29 to 201 Late Summer

Uhh, there's a brook passing through level 20.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2009-05-30 to 202 Mid Summer

Rest in peace, Atir. May your inevitable death occur at a humorous moment.

Submitted by: Ashery - 2009-06-24 to 203 Mid Spring

You could always use mass stairwell designations for the art museum to make the final channeling easier.

Submitted by: YF-23 - 2009-06-25 to 203 Mid Spring

Hmm, good idea. I hadn't really thought of that. The art museum is a bit far away though, I have just designated it and nothing else. I want to concentrate a bit on exploratory mining first, see if I can find coal. Burning wood to charcoal isn't easy, especially considering how any and all wood isn't particularly close to the entrance of the fort.

Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2009-07-02 to 203 Late Winter

Making your channel wider will only cause it to fail harder.

Instead, dam the river that feeds the artificial lake on the end where the water leaves the map, and reduce the width of your channel to 1 tile. That way you will have 4 tiles of water traveling through a 1 tile wide channel, and fill the lake faster then a wide channel ever would.

Wide channels allow the water to 'slosh' around inside it instead of actually flowing through -- you can see this in the large (16+ tile) rivers; one end gets dried up slowly but surely.

Submitted by: YF-23 - 2009-07-03 to 203 Late Winter

Hmm, are you sure about that? I checked the brook tiles next to the tunnel opening while the water filled, and they were all 7/7. It seemed as if the brook wasn't losing any water. Besides, when I do the 4-tile wide opening I'll let it fill first and then open the floodgates.

Still, if that doesn't work in the end, I'll try doing that. It's just I'm really not all that good at drying the river up and damming it up, so I'm kinda reluctant to try it.

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