Garlicgrass - 204 Early Autumn by Aquilegia

Map Description:

My first and only (at the moment) fortress. The design is quite bad I think to run a fortress efficiently; long walks between stockpiles, not really much utilization of the z-levels, but at least it works and I'm learning : )

Point of Interest: First living rooms

Here I build the first basic bedrooms and dining room of the fortress. The original dining room is the smaller rectangle room in the northwest. Above it you can see a part of the 'moat' of the first entrance. If you look carefully you can see I had to rebuild a wall since I accidentally channeled through the roof of the hall. A bit to the south you can see the second dining room which I build a little bit later, since there wasn't much space in the first dining room with the extra ornamental walls and columns.

One z-level up are the workshops and stockpiles which create too much noise so I'm planning to at least abandon the bedrooms in favour of those at the bottom of the fortress. - Aquilegia

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Submitted by: Huttuunen - 2009-06-13 to 204 Early Autumn

This is actually pretty cool fortress already. :)
You are doing very well if this is your first fortress!

Submitted by: Aquilegia - 2009-06-14 to 204 Early Autumn

Thanks :) I actually read almost the entire wiki before getting started so that might have helped a bit, but I intend to keep playing with this one until I understand also the late-game so my next fortresses won't fail just after I spend days on some magnificent designs for them : )

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