-SparkGear2 - 306 Mid Spring by arkdelgato

Map Description:

This is part of the SparkGear 2 succession game

following arkdelgato's year. Population 127

According to his journal (written here), this year, arkdelgato formed an army to fight the demons, but after gotting one with his palsma rifle, he discovered he was the demons, by which I mean the entire army of champions was nearly obliterated.

Somewhere in between there he started building a mansion to honor himself and a clothier made a legendary spidersilk mask using wood, leather, rose gold, and some other materials.

Point of Interest: Re: Random Building

Given the up-ness of the staircases, it appears your silk farms are intact (as long as you didn't care to harness silk from thin air). According to arkdelgato's story, he was working on a personal manor, as well as expanding the "comically small" barracks.

Also, I lawled at the (orthoclase?) ampersand - crash2455

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Submitted by: Nahkh_ - 2009-06-03 to 303 Late Spring

Could you pick out some POIs for us?

Submitted by: Marko - 2009-06-03 to 304 Mid Summer

yeah yeah, sorry, forgot to add some ;)

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-06-08 to 306 Mid Spring

Who gets to open the floodgates to the river?

Where's the spare water going to?

Submitted by: Nahkh_ - 2009-06-08 to 306 Mid Spring

We're going to carve fortifications adjacent to the level edge. Fake chasm, coming right up.

Submitted by: Skid - 2009-06-17 to 309 Early Summer

I can't see wanting to open up that river, the FPS drop would be too much trouble for it to be worthwhile.

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-06-19 to 309 Early Summer

That's the entire point of the river! It will force us to a new site!(I don't like these non infinite sources of magma at all)

Submitted by: crash2455 - 2009-06-20 to 311 Late Summer

Infinite magma's just too easy, though. I managed to create a map-wide magma moat while only scratching the surface of our magma supply.

Also, you could still do your magma curtain with this, since it basically recycles magma.

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