Ivorylanced - 211 Late Winter by phaerin

Map Description:

Max deep moat, could fill it up with water some day, might take a while though :)

Obviously quite easy to defend, and the central stairwell interconnects all floors. A river was shut off to the east and a 5-wide pump tower was constructed to provide a giant 'shower' over the fort that runs down all floors to make some happy dwarves.

On the farming floor, its possible to shut the floor hatches to flood the farmland with water, yet there is no risk of flooding the entire fort as there is an overflow circuit on the lower lever that falls to a chasm

Enough rooms for over 400 dwarves, and the bigger rooms in the top quarter of the fort are reserved for any amount of nobles

Point of Interest: Main noble bedrooms

8 towers inside the hollowed-out fort provide more than enough space for nobles and administrators.

Levers for the drawbridge and the water supply, "shower", are placed on the rooftops. - phaerin

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-06-08 to 211 Late Winter

This is a very impressive microfort.

Are you going to fill the moat with magma?

Submitted by: phaerin - 2009-06-08 to 211 Late Winter

Possible, would need to build a magma-proof pump tower, done that in previous revisions.

Though now i can loot all the valuables from all goblins that fall to the bottom

Submitted by: Doppel - 2009-06-08 to 211 Late Winter

This is beautiful, thanks for uploading it.

Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2009-06-08 to 211 Late Winter

What's the embark size on this one? 2x2?

Submitted by: atlasrune - 2009-06-08 to 211 Late Winter

I have a few questions, how did you build on the outer 5 squares?

Submitted by: phaerin - 2009-06-08 to 211 Late Winter

the stone wall of the outer 5 squares is native and smoothed, hollowed out and the pumps built in. There is a restriction of building pumps to tiles flagged outside and light, but no restriction when underground and dark. Had to watch out not to make any unnecessary holes, since if light shines through, can't build there

Submitted by: Huttuunen - 2009-06-14 to 211 Late Winter

This sure is great. Good job.

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-08-07 to 211 Late Winter

Oh, you have to fill the entire thing with magma, it would be grand.

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