Glovemurders - 307 by Slartibartfast

Map Description:

This mighty fortress is the first fortress I upload in a long while.
It boasts lots and lots of nickel (that has been converted into lots of nickel barrels and cages (that have been transformed into a dragon cage and a titan cage :)))

Initially this fortress has been demolished by olmmen, but has been reclaimed and brought to its current glory.

Since I was a bit short on time and framerate, I haven't made any huge projects yet (except maybe the tower or the tree farm)

Hopefully the future will feature a newer version of this fortress.

Point of Interest: Metalsmithing Zone

( 307 → onwards )

The imps have all been wiped out thanks to my military (though with three casualties [one dwarf fell in the lava, another was injured and nobody cared to pick him up and put him in a bed, and one civilian was flat out killed]) and now this pool of lava is used to melt goblin crap and forge dwarven crap (mostly nickel barrels and cages, a few bins too.), there are a few bars that aren't nickel or copper, those are from caravans. - Slartibartfast

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