ReleaseFortress - 44 Early Autumn by Doppel

Map Description:

An Old fortress i once started. Intention was to build a huge apartment made out of and cut out of Obsidian, complete with everything. From luxurious burial grounds to a gladiator level to swimming pools, to waterfalls, to douches, to a finely decorated dining room, to sublime housing for all dwarfs, a zoo, a deathchamber, a museum, even its own power factory, defenses (archers and ballistas) enfin, everything, trading level, training level, it can even house glass and metal making workshops (notice the 1 tile magma chambers inside the obsidian, ready to power them). I'm about halfway in actually building to solid block of obsidian, which takes up a lot of time (due to the slow refilling magma pit), after the block is complete cutting out all needed rooms and moving in will be easy and quick. The entry point will be the bridge made out of glass. Housing is located in the soft hills for now.

Point of Interest: Junk

Very messy and chaotic storage hallways and marginal rooms. Once the tower is finished this will probably all be demolished, or not and left there empty and hollow as a reminder of once primitive ways. - Doppel

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Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-05-20 to 44 Early Autumn

This fortress is really cool.

Submitted by: Qjet - 2009-08-13 to 44 Early Autumn

This fort isn't getting enough attention.

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