Hallwave - 204 Mid Autumn by deathstroke

Map Description:

Savage wildlands, my fourth fort ever since I started playing.

I learned about making towers in this very fortress :'D

I kind of cheated though. Max unit cap: 70, no economy, no strange moods, but I left the sieges on. I got ambushed at least five times the last two years - the first two ambush claimed a total of 9 lives...

Point of Interest: Burial chambers

3x3 for everyone, with 1x1 for pets and the engraved 3x7 one for the dungeon master.

-1 floor of the apartment. Stairs (with the well shaft on the bauxite stairwells).

The dungeon master's office, and space for the upcoming asylum complex.

That weird bunch of dug up space was the channels from the togglable trap hall. There's some ruby clusters in there. - deathstroke

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