Hallwave - 204 Mid Autumn by deathstroke

Map Description:

Savage wildlands, my fourth fort ever since I started playing.

I learned about making towers in this very fortress :'D

I kind of cheated though. Max unit cap: 70, no economy, no strange moods, but I left the sieges on. I got ambushed at least five times the last two years - the first two ambush claimed a total of 9 lives...

Point of Interest: Main hall, enterance

Trade depot, with two chained dogs and a finished goods stockpile near it

Main enterance with traps and retractable bridges to allow extending of trap maze with one lever pull.

I plan to extend the enterance and put a long drowning chamber there.

Above the meeting hall is the main food stockpile and the food processing industries.

Also shown the partially completed barracks, the ground level floor (0) of the 'apartment'. - deathstroke

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