Gearedeagle - 215 Early Winter by Archiel

Map Description:

Gearedeagle was founded on the "missile silo" design which features a single central staircase and open air to the bottom of the fort. It borrows from Abbeytunneled's lava lake at the lowest levels. Note that there are a few errors in the map. Empty spaces are showing up as stones, most notably.

Point of Interest: Lava Lake

This is the center of the shaft, at the very bottom. Smelting happens in this area, and the grand tombs are to the north. Fortifications for the HFS are to the east. Several levels above the lake are cleared out to the open, and dwarves have windows above. - Archiel

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Submitted by: Quote - 2009-05-15 to 215 Early Winter

Wow, pretty amazing.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-05-16 to 215 Early Winter

You know what's impressive? If you put the side view on and see the shaft as it spreads out below ground.

Submitted by: Hyfrydle - 2009-05-16 to 215 Early Winter

Very cool design different to most of the others I've looked at.

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