Filledtattoo - 227 Late Summer by miko

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Another 3 years. Things keep growing, but it is really a lot of work. The cathedral looks like it will be finished some thyme soon, which is really motivating at this point. Also, the walls have by now passed 3/4 of the final size. And the used blocks count passed the 30k punctually.

Now I am looking for other ideas for more important town buildings (maybe not an arena), like a small castle for our (not so) beloved count. But as his countess died in an construction accident (like many other guys), we tempered justice with mercy. He is still alive, so it might not become an royal mausoleum.

(see image)

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Point of Interest: Cathedral

( 227 Late Summer → onwards )

To show their faith in the blood god, or some giant cat or toad, the humans started to build a magnificent cathedral.
It looks nice at this front layer, and the size comparison to one of the 4 story houses next to it is... funny. - miko

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Submitted by: Quote - 2009-04-28 to 221 Late Summer

Wow, thats a lot of U's.

Submitted by: Obsidian - 2009-04-30 to 224 Late Summer

That... that is awesome.

Not much else I can say but just... wow. I really want to see this progress along now.

Submitted by: Barbarossa the Seal God - 2009-04-30 to 224 Late Summer

Holy shit. Finish this and this will be one of the greatest megaprojects I've ever seen.

Submitted by: Duke - 2009-05-01 to 224 Late Summer

*Golf Clap*
Good job, good sir. Good job.

I... I think I might cry.

Submitted by: Quote - 2009-05-09 to 227 Late Summer


Submitted by: sonerohi - 2009-05-10 to 227 Late Summer

I praise you for this beauty of a fortress. Rarely do you get to see something like this come to fruition.

Submitted by: Barbarossa the Seal God - 2009-06-13 to 230 Late Summer

Huzzah! This is an epic fort.

Submitted by: MrGimp - 2009-06-15 to 230 Late Summer

Fuck yeah!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-07-06 to 224 Late Summer

Just... wow. *favourited*.

Did you base the cathederal on any design, or just your gut instincts for a place of worship? I bet even the humans would be impressed...

Submitted by: miko - 2009-07-29 to 230 Late Summer

Actually, yea, cathedrals look quite alike, but this one was inspired by the one I see every day.

And because I ran out of z-levels fairly fast... the west tower was not completed as seen below. ;)

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