Foresthold - 110 Early Spring by timmeh

Map Description:

Lot's happened this year, not the least of which being the construction of the Great Hall, a new room I will be using to house pretty much anyone and everyone in the fortress come dinner time. It's about 40x30 tiles (41x31 cause I forgot about the tile I started on when designating) and three tiles high, with 16 massive pillars holding up the roof. (I know there aren't any cave-ins, and if they worked like they use to It'd still collapse, but this looks cooler).

There's more, but this time I'll probably get to add all the PoI I want, so I'll end the description here.

[EDIT]: Also, new tileset, I'll probably upload it later, if anyone wants it.

Point of Interest: 13. Fun Area 1

The dungeon master stays in the north area, but that's not the fun part. The fun part is the long tunnel that will serve as a goblin torture/execution area. Goblins will be placed (in their cages) in the round-ish room in the top-left corner, the door will be locked and the cages open. Currently the only thing between them and freedom, are the fourteen weapon traps, loaded with their own whips and scourges. I may load some with daggers, but I'd really prefer they last as long as possible, before hitting the thin row of weapon traps I plan to build at the end, loaded with 10 serrated steel disks each, just to make sure. - timmeh

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Submitted by: juice - 2009-03-19 to 102 Early Spring

Lookin good so far. What's with the logs in the river?

Submitted by: Jurph - 2009-03-20 to 102 Early Spring

I really like the spiral staircase design!

I suspect that the logs in the river fell in during moat construction: trees prevent channelling, so the trees were ordered to be chopped... then channels were designated before the logs got hauled off. I wish dwarves would move logs/stones away from the dig site like they do when placing workshops!

Anyway timmeh, it's a good solid aboveground fort. If I were on this map I'd be very worried about trees growing to block my wagon access. Are you planning to build a road? Will it be lined with watch-towers, or will the edges be sprinkled with traps?

Submitted by: timmeh - 2009-03-24 to 103 Early Spring

@juice - Thanks!

The logs are, like Jurph suggested, from loose logs being on the tiles when they were mined.

@ Jurph - Thank you! I'm considering using a smaller version for the towers.

I've started a road (thanks for the reminder!). I plan to get some watchtowers along the road, probably connected to the fortress by underground tunnels, and with no other way in/out, to prevent unwanted access through the tunnels.


Thanks again, to both of you!

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2009-04-04 to 105 Early Spring

I like your eight towers along the road, perfect to impress those barbarian humans and elves.
I don't particularly like the smoothed floor tiles for this tileset though, they look too raised, if you know what I mean.

Submitted by: Phazer - 2009-05-07 to 110 Early Spring

Damn i like those curved walls, Really nice work youve done to youre fort.

and you got to love whats left of those youve thrown down from youre death tower.

Submitted by: timmeh - 2009-05-08 to 110 Early Spring


I've got the tileset on the wiki, if you want it.

[Message edited on 2009/05/08 at 10:14 by timmeh]

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-05-09 to 110 Early Spring

Its so... flat, at least on the surface! Very cool space you've sealed off though, and everything is building down towards an epic fort.

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