Standardwild - 1066 Early Autumn by Zaltanek

Map Description:

I found this save file while going through old versions of DF. I started digging and found and aquifer. This fortress is a few years after that discovery. I have pretty much stopped work on this fortress after i upgraded to 40.d. In the conversion process it prevents you from altering dwarven professions.
A couple of notes:
Roughly 200 pumps were active at certain times to pierce the aquifer.
The power generation is over 2000 and most of it is used.
2 levels of aquifer were pierced. I believe it was a 44 by 44 hole.
One aquifer was tapped as a fountain, using the aquifer below as a drain.
One aquifer was walled off and floodgated to be used as a lake.

Point of Interest: Aquifer level 3 - How to grow tired of an aquifer.

After piercing 2 levels I was displeased to find another level. I was also running out of internal space for what I wanted to do. The initial ramp did not hit an aquifer. When digging commenced I got the digging into damp soil message. Figuring it was the lake above I continued designating. I ended up hitting another aquifer. Using pumps from the level above I was able to wall off my ramps. I wanted to see how far down the aquifer went so started digging. I discovered aquifer tiles on all zlevels.

Between this and being unable to change dwarven professions I will probibly abandon this fortress.
- Zaltanek

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Submitted by: Doomender - 2009-06-06 to 1066 Early Autumn

Hey, nice fountain. I try to do the same basic theme, but my dwarves keep drowning. Maybe I should go for your method....

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