Wadedcastles v2 - 205 Early Spring by FunkyWaltDogg

Map Description:

Contrary to what I said last year, it turns out the perimeter wasn't quite secure after all. I lost a legendary miner in an ambush while correcting the issue.

Aside from that, the major accomplishment of the past year was successfully tapping into the magma.

Point of Interest: Sneaky ambush

A squad of goblins used one of the aquifer staircases (access has since been removed from ground level) to get into the moat, where they could easily get out via the emergency access ramps. I had realized the problem moments earlier and designated the stairs to be removed, so there was a legendary miner in the moat to meet them, who unfortunately did not live. - FunkyWaltDogg

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Submitted by: Lord_Shadow - 2009-04-24 to 205 Early Spring

good luck starting to look like awesomeness

Submitted by: FunkyWaltDogg - 2009-04-25 to 207 Early Spring

Thanks! I am finally starting to make some real progress on the core projects.

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-04-30 to 209 Early Spring

Your fort is so big and open!

Submitted by: FunkyWaltDogg - 2009-04-30 to 209 Early Spring

I didn't see the point in digging out a lot of area underground to pack stockpiles and workshops into since I'm ultimately going to be constructing buildings on the surface to house all that stuff. So for now, everything pretty much just gets plopped down wherever I've got a space.

Submitted by: Pisano - 2010-07-21 to 209 Early Spring

Really nice layout and a great seed to have magma so close to the surface. I can't figure out how you get the water up the main building with the housing though. I don't see a pumpstack but I do see pumps at the top.

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