Wavehandle - 207 Late Autumn by Itnetlolor

Map Description:

Welcome to my 4th attempt at a fortress, it started out as an attempt as an experimental design fortress to use for future templates. Oddly enough, it's my first successful fort, thus far. No full-blown royalty yet (Duke/Duchess, King/Queen). :/

I'm welcome to new ideas to toss in.

BTW, I've already gone a long way since this fort began. I assume it's the 4th-7th year. I lost track. Nonetheless, it's functional and my dwarves are happy, and that's what matters for now.

Point of Interest: Breezeway ramp

The apparent shortcut through the entire fort.

If you need to get somewhere quick, this is the way. - Itnetlolor

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Submitted by: Lesconrads - 2009-04-25 to 207 Late Autumn

I love, how your fortress looks organic while still being planned out to the max. It's symmetric in a very pleasant way.
Is it at least a bit efficient? It looks as if the ways would be quite long.
Still: Well done, I like it.

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2009-04-26 to 207 Late Autumn

It's plenty efficient. Gets everyone from point-A to point-B; and you gotta love the breezeway ramp.

I normally didn't want it to merge, or at least in that fashion, but it worked out for the better in the end. I just needed to beef up security just in case Kobolds ever got past the back door.

As for the bedrooms, I don't think my dwarves mind the extra walk into their private "Noble" quarters (it's fine by default, additional furniture/engraving on the proper side beef it up to Great.), those chalk walls help a great deal, and a few are master-work engraved gem walls too. They're rather spoiled. And military is minimal.

Just in case biological waste ever becomes a concern in the next versions, the sewers can be modified to support bathrooms. If you're curious how I got around to designing it as I did, I just worked from the water source (sewer) and worked from there up.

It worked better than I thought. However, I'd like to further mod my sewer if possible. Anyone think it's possible for me to drain the sewer enough to apply floodgates to the front or intersections without digging downward to drain? I already pre-made some ramps to gain access to the sewer floor. I just need to understand damming a little more (sans the actual cursing part), and if the stones still on the ground work; and if a windmill can actually pump without flooding the river.

Submitted by: MC Dirty - 2009-09-08 to 207 Late Autumn

It looks really, really nice to use as a fortress to adventure in. Problem is: Traps and pressure plates don't work at all. But there's always the goblins adventuring around and dying in horrible, hilarious ways.

Submitted by: LoudWhiteNoise - 2010-01-15 to 207 Late Autumn

Awesome. I love this design. Have you got it anywhere on the interwebs for download?

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2010-01-30 to 207 Late Autumn

Not really. The design I made myself, no AHK. And no, I haven't uploaded the save file either.

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