Silverstraps - 1072 Early Winter by Lightning4

Map Description:

Many projects have been completed, giving the dwarves of Silverstraps a much better standard of living. Most legendaries now have a room to call their own, furnished with materials that they like. Nobles are still homeless but not for long. And pretty much all standard dwarves have a home now, with variance to allow for different rent rates. Going to improve on that soon as well as make another room block, and add some more high-class rooms.
Massive tomb erected to help cope with the ever-increasing death toll. Unlikely I need to dig another, what with the next version so close, and the fact my fortress would probably need to die about ten times over (including pets *and* dwarven caravan!) to fill each and every row.

Still very cluttered and ugly, but cleanup is well under way. Nearly all goblin clothing is disposed of, just leaving stone and goblin armor/weapons.

Chasm was nuked a few years ago. Came to that decision when *two* champions intelligently dodged into the chasm, followed by another brilliant miner, who also made an artifact. This was the loss of Silverstrap's last artifact created ever.
Kind of unique too. He named it after himself, and it had an engraving of a dwarf surrounded by cave wheat on it.

Also dealt with three rare creatures this year. Two titans struck and were brought down easily, and most recently, a bronze colossus, detailed under its respective point of interest.

Heh, during the winter it looks like I'm on a glacial map. IIRC, this is actually a temperate desert, allowing for it to become quite cold outside during the winter.

Point of Interest: Legendary District

All legendary dwarves get their own room furnished with materials that they like. Stone is easy since I've still held on to a legendary mason, so he can pump out high quality dark/light stone goodies for them. And if they have a decent metal preference, I use that instead.
Still have a few rooms that need to be tailored to their respective legendary.

Each room holds 15 tiles of floorspace. - Lightning4

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-07 to 1063 Late Winter

Nice tombs... unfortunate that so many dwarves tantrumed, always a painful time in any fort. Good work paving the chasm :)

Submitted by: Lightning4 - 2007-09-15 to 1063 Late Winter

Thanks for the comments, and yeah, it was a pretty brutal time.

Long in the past now, the fortress has well recovered and is in a pretty stable time. I need to post it soon, it's 1071 now and much progress has been made.

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