Inkyconstructs - 206 Late Autumn by Zaltanek

Map Description:

Two years have past and the temple is about to receive its first sacrifice of 156 lives. Construction of the artifical lake has begun as well. The housing project are just waiting for the construction of windows before the indoor water works are turned on.

Point of Interest: Overhead expanded view of the entry defences

Retractable bridges along the three entryways allow the retrieval of traps without the dwarves charging invaders. All three trap tunnels can be individualy closed off. They also funnel into a final trap room. Guards circling the inner parrapets can rain down bolts on those that pass underneath. - Zaltanek

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-03-27 to 204 Early Summer

Dude, this is looking very nice indeed. Bravo!

Submitted by: Stromko - 2009-03-28 to 204 Early Summer

Wow you're really going full-bore with the circular designs and patterns. Very inspiring!

Submitted by: Zaltanek - 2009-05-01 to 209 Early Spring

While not exactly 178 waterfalls, it does provide a waterfall to 178 rooms.

Submitted by: Unbeltedsundew - 2011-01-25 to 209 Early Spring

Oh man... this is awesome. Why hasn't it got more attention?

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