Grizzlyoar - 40 Early Spring by Marko

Map Description:

This is the community map: Grizzlyoar. You can view the thread here

This is the second turn of Grizzlyoar. The place was a bit of a mess when I took over. Still not exactly great, but moving in the right direction, and no more worries of starvation any more!

Point of Interest: Farms

( 40 Early Spring → onwards )

This is the farming area of the fort, that will keep us running for quite some time. I expanded it a lot from what had previously been done. There are also clothing related workshops down here, which I suggest being moved in the future. I was going to build a pig tail economy, but realized there's plenty of cave spider silk around, so no need to waste time growing it when you have ample silk waiting to be woven into cloth! - Marko

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