Angelstorm - 213 Late Autumn by WorMzy

Map Description:

Been a while since I uploaded an update. There's been some.. changes. :)

I've built a couple of interconnecting guard towers for my marksdwarves to sit in and shoot out of while there's a siege. I've also built a room near the fotress' main entrance for other marksdwarves to shoot out of. This came about from my realising that upright spikes don't hurt enemies when they fall on them. :(

Another new feature is the second barracks, located to the left of the trade depot. My army was getting a little big for the first barracks, and poor evicted civilians have started using the beds as a sleeping area too, so I decided to dig a newer, bigger barracks for the soldiers to train in. I then made a swirly cave leading to a secret exit which will be filled with traps to kill off any siegers that decide to sneak in that way. Any thieves that sneak in via that entrance will be detected by any sparring soldiers as well, so it's pretty damn secure.

Some new bedrooms have been built too, each equipped with a chest. Ever since the economy hit, my dwarves have been leaving coins all over the place (mostly inside the very metalsmith where they were forged!) because they had nowhere to store them. A simple solution would be to travel back in time (via save backups, not superpowers) and disable the economy before it hit, however that'd be cheating and not as fun. Instead, I'm going to systematically break down the dividing walls between some rooms, making them big enough to house a chest. The extra bed will then be carted away, potentially leaving a dwarf roomless. To counter this, I've built the new bedrooms for them to occupy. They're not as flashy, but they are bigger, so hopefully I'll avoid too many unhappy thoughts about the sudden displacement.

Only two dwarves have died in the past two years. A glassmaker went into mood and tried to make a glass item. Unfortunately, on a map without sand, his demands went unfulfilled. I built a glass furnace to humour him, then built cage traps around the entrance. When he eventually went insane, he walked straight into the awaiting trap and was hauled off to the animal stockpile. He must have died of hunger or something, because I didn't notice that he was dead until writing the roll call.

The other death was an unfortunate accident. A mechanic was arrested and thrown in jail for defying the Count Consorts production order. At the time I was building my towers, and had every idle dwarf bringing stones up to a stockpile next to where they were being built. The mechanic eventually starved to death, since nobody was free to bring her food. Unfortunate, yes. Avoidable, yes. However, it was amusing to watch about 20 dwarves, who were just seconds ago blissfully disregarding her cries for food, come along, stripped her naked, took her possessions to stockpiles and dumped her corpse on top of a burial receptacle. Dwarves have weird senses of priority..

~~~~~Roll Coll~~~~~
RIP Aban Libashcudist - Glassmaker.
RIP Urvad Oslanisan - Mechanic.

Point of Interest: Hidden Exit

( 213 Late Autumn → 215 )

This trap filled cave runs from my secondary barracks to outside. Rather than an escape route, it's designed to be more of a choke point to do away with any siegers who try to find underhanded ways into my fortress. It's filled with rock traps and a few cage traps. - WorMzy

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-03-31 to 209 Mid Spring

Do your people ever complain of noise while sleeping? It looks like the workshops right above the bedrooms would be a bad thing, but I'm just curious...

Submitted by: WorMzy - 2009-03-31 to 209 Mid Spring

Nope, all they complain about is flies and occasionally miasmas; and they get plenty of happy thoughts from eating in the legendary dining room and admiring the "completely sublime tastefully arranged Statue" to counter those. ;)

Submitted by: Phazer - 2009-04-01 to 209 Mid Spring


Gigantic stockpiles you got there.

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-04-01 to 210 Mid Spring

Alright, I got where your dining room is, but where is your awesome statue, and what value is it? Is it right behind the Dining room? And what are the values of the statues around it? I'd love a specific POI with lots of details.

(There is something disturbing about mathematically calculating happiness, but this game makes it alright.)

Submitted by: WorMzy - 2009-04-01 to 210 Mid Spring

Yeah, the statue is behind the dining room. It's just a masterful Dolomite statue, worth 600. I've shared the statue PoI from 209. The other statues are mostly lower quality, but some are the same.

In my last fortress I had an artifact statue in the main hallway. Hopefully someone will create one here too.

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-04-02 to 210 Mid Spring

Those 'fish' look more like vermin to me.

Vermin can teleport.

Submitted by: WorMzy - 2009-04-03 to 210 Mid Spring

Nah, they were definitely fish; there was a char and a couple of brook lamprey if I remember correctly. :)

Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-09-11 to 213 Late Autumn

Re: your "ineffective" spikes; to make them extremely potent, hook them up to an automatic alternator like

When the switch throws, the spikes retract. When it throws again, they extend, doing damage to anything on them. With a good, fast repeater, this will ventilate most anything in very short order.

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