Viperarches - 455 Early Winter by HSZeg

Map Description:

My (unfinished) Glass Tower megaproject.

I wanted to do something really big and this certainly was. Infact, probably too big. I lost interest eventually, but I still managed to make a fairly big tower in 10 years.

Constucted of somewhere around 12000 green glass blocks.

Point of Interest: 6th Floor

Meeting Halls. - HSZeg

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Submitted by: Barbarossa the Seal God - 2009-04-04 to 455 Early Winter

Nice fortress! Would be awesome if you could finish it...

maybe use [SPEED:1] to get your dwarves to finish it faster?

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2009-04-04 to 455 Early Winter

That's quite an impressive megaproject.
At least finish the viper-arch, it speaks of unsurpassed coolness.
Also green glass eyes :3

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