Relicsteel - 208 Mid Summer by gades1313

Map Description:

My 5th or 6th Fortress. Still a work-in-progress with projects uncompleted. With a name like Relicsteel steel should be in abundance in the fortress, yet alas I have yet to find any iron ore. All iron has come from Goblins thus far, and besides some suits of armor, steel production hasn't been a priority.

Point of Interest: Main Entranceway

Still under-construction, this is to be the Main Entranceway. The Brass bridge is to lead into a courtyard. The Barracks is to be placed to the right. Further north is the Gold Bridge which will lead into the Fortress. To the left is to be the Traders Tunnels. - gades1313

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Submitted by: Jurph - 2009-04-01 to 208 Mid Summer

I like some of the perimeter concepts here - having a large valley all to yourself, for example, where you can farm trees with impunity. That's pretty cool!

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-04-01 to 208 Mid Summer

When digging out your obsidian farm, use ramps instead of channels. You should be able to just designate the whole thing to be mined out in one go, versus doing single lines of channel designations.

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