Silverstraps - 1063 Late Winter by Lightning4

Map Description:

Much has passed in the last 7 years, but this year has been hell for the dwarves of Silverstraps. It started with a simple goblin siege, and the fortress' first champion. Sadly, he charged out and caught some bolts, and in an effort to save him in an attempt to stop his demise, lost more dwarves. Then the chaos struck. Chain tantrumers everywhere. The river bridge was destroyed no less than five times, and the secondary bridges three, each. Many pets were claimed, making even more dwarves unhappy, and drowning more dwarves. Silverstraps was nearly consumed by madness. Dwarves fuming from the ears, throwing objects, punching cows, and toppling bridges. Dwarves running around spouting nonsense and merrily hopping into the river. Ratmen pouring from the chasm, chasing dwarves and pushing a few unlucky dwarves into the chasm or the magma flow.
I count myself lucky though, as the madness subsided, leaving the fortress still 147 dwarves strong. Just goes to show what tantrums can do to a fort. When the siege hit, the fortress had mid 190's. Only about 10-12 dwarves were lost to the goblins, the rest lost to the chaos.

In lighter news, the Arena was built and has hosted a few matches already. Pitting the enemies of the fortress against each other is quite fun.

Point of Interest: Arena + Arena Fodder

The arena has already hosted three quite interesting matches.

First Match - 5 Ratmen, 1 Named Fire Imp
Three Ratmen Berserk, one Mad, One Melancholy
Imp went Mad.
Needless to say, it was an interesting fight. The berserkers were much more content beating the crap out of their brethren, and the imp got involved too. After the smoke cleared, only one survived, a berserk ratman named Vandalshields.

Second Match - 12 Ratman Brawl
Vandalshields was in this fight. Three other ratmen went berserk, bringing the count to 4. 4 went mad, and 4 went melancholy.
The mad and melancholy didn't really fight that much, the mad ones got a few punches in here and there and the melancholy just moped about. The berserk ones ended up beating the crap out of each other. All but the berserk ones survived, but only three were recaptured. The rest were swiftly dealt with.

Third Match - 5 Ratmen, 1 Goblin Thief, 2 Fire imps
Two of the ratmen were survivors of the previous match, and died in their cages before the match even begun.
2 ratmen went melancholy, one went mad. One imp went mad, the other berserk. Thief was still normal.
Brutal brawl, the berserk fire imp immediately started destroying the two ratmen around him, and the other imp proceeded to roast the ratman on his side, and start beating up the thief. After dealing with the two ratmen, the berserk one roasted the thief with one fireball, and destroyed the other imp.

The room below holds all the contestants. The two dead ratmen are still in their cages, I need to clean them out :P

And sadly, it seems named creatures such as ratmen need to eat, drink, and sleep, so when they're recycled, they come out again very drowsy and are completely useless for fighting. I believe the berserk fire imp is still fine though, he only got moderate wounds. - Lightning4

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-07 to 1063 Late Winter

Nice tombs... unfortunate that so many dwarves tantrumed, always a painful time in any fort. Good work paving the chasm :)

Submitted by: Lightning4 - 2007-09-15 to 1063 Late Winter

Thanks for the comments, and yeah, it was a pretty brutal time.

Long in the past now, the fortress has well recovered and is in a pretty stable time. I need to post it soon, it's 1071 now and much progress has been made.

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