FriendlyWorks - 216 Early Summer by Cheshire Cat

Map Description:

Welcome to Friendlyworks, one of my largest fortresses to date.

attractions include the huge dam in the lower left corner, i selected this site specifically for the brook above a cliff, and lucked out with both a cave and HFS as well.

the upper right has a maze of doors with the tombs, and under the fort are some soon to be water caves, which should be good for adventurers. this fortress was only somewhat planned, so the top few levels are messy.

the desert is populated by camels, giant leapoards, cougars and giant desert scorpions. the hills have giant eagles and sasquatches. surprisingly the camels actually seem the most dangerous, they kept getting into bits of the dam while i was building it, going crazy, then killing the masons.

interestingly, just about every goblin civ is within a few world tiles of this fort, and it seems to have made for the biggest sieges i have ever seen.

Point of Interest: Gladiatorial Pit of Doom

this is my gladiator pit.

its the most complex gladiator pit ive ever come up with, which shows you how boring it was waiting for that massive dam to be built and filled. the switch rooms to the left and right control the bridges that can cover the pit, the water that can be used to flood it and kill everything, and where said water gets drained to afterwards. i can also make a network of bridges appear and dissapear to make things run around in circles. the simple little pictures on the floor help me remember what the switches do.

the pit is currently covered and filled with the bones of a million tame animals whom i have just drowned to try and recover fps. experiements here have revealed that a two humped camel can kill anything one on one, and that one titan vs 300 animals (not including camels) will rampage for a season or so, get exhausted, fall over, and get its throat scratched out by a horde of kittens. seriously, kittens. the same thing happens if i throw an entire goblin siege in. - Cheshire Cat

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Submitted by: Cheshire Cat - 2009-05-12 - Removed

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