Roofdwelling - 219 Mid Autumn by Marko

Map Description:

Roofdwelling year 219. Many major changes in the two years. Of major note, the food industry is up and running, with a tavern, a diner, a farm, and an animal processing plant. Also a multi-level warehouse/trading depot has been put up, and with the addition of a large influx of storage bins, the streets are looking a little less cluttered (Thank Avuz!)

Things to do next:
-Wall in Wast Processing.
-Remove all open stockpiles and move everything into the warehouse
-Complete the outer walls with a double wall fortress that looks nice.
-Facilities for more industries.
-Palace for a Baron.
-More random fun things (thinking a park, water tower, maybe even a playground for the kiddies!)

Point of Interest: Olonardes Tavern

( 219 Mid Autumn → onwards )

Home of our local brew master, the Olanardes Tavern is Roofdwelling's home for booze. With some pretty statues to look at, lots of drinks all around, and even a dart board (mainly used by the guards when they're bored). There is a basement underneath for more alcohol storage. A very important part of any Dwarven town. - Marko

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Submitted by: Nilus - 2009-04-05 to 223 Early Spring

My good sir, I could not help but to notice you do not have in your possession, an arena.
This is most unfortunate as in my humble opinion, no bastion of dwarven might is truly ever complete without said arena.
If you desire, I would be most honored to assist you in this issue by providing plans for a true Colosseum, so great that it will cast a shadow on any and every might that dare challenge your dwarven superiority!

So send me a pm on the forums.

Submitted by: wololo - 2009-04-05 to 223 Early Spring

Why do you have so many engineers? Am I missing something?

Submitted by: Marko - 2009-04-05 to 223 Early Spring

Fear not! An arena is in the plans! Eventually... Roofdwelling wasn't built in a day you know! As for so many engineers, my dwarfs go through a rigorous pump operating regiment to keep them fit and nimble, so many are legendary pump operators, which makes 'em look like engineers.

Submitted by: Marko - 2009-04-06 to 226 Mid Summer

Snapped some pics in 3dwarf:
City view:
A BBCode picture
The Stadium:
A BBCode picture
View of a soon to be 'victim' as they enter the stadium from the arena level:
A BBCode picture

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-04-07 to 226 Mid Summer

This fort is amazing.

Submitted by: Nilus - 2009-04-17 to 233 Early Summer

About the last patch of grass...
I'd think the answer is quite obvious but I'll give you a hint.

Water slide.

Submitted by: Lord Dullard - 2009-04-26 to 239 Early Summer

Amazing fort.

Submitted by: Nilus - 2009-04-26 to 239 Early Summer

Aww, no dwarven water slide.

Submitted by: Phazer - 2009-04-26 to 239 Early Summer

This fort is Awesome


Submitted by: FJH - 2010-03-13 to 239 Early Summer

This is the greatest fortress I have ever seen. You have got to have had this thing planned out far in advance even by 217 Summer.

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