Inkyconstructs - 204 Early Summer by Zaltanek

Map Description:

A new fortress arises from the inky depths of the earth. Hordes of enemies screaming for dwarven blood raid and pillage the region. Ogres and goblins siege and eat dwarves with merry abandon. Fire imps from the nearby magma pipe light forests on fire. Only bloody offerings to the gods will appease their need for death.

Point of Interest: Current Barracks

This is the current barracks for the mighty champions of InkyConstructs. They not only kill their enemies they also kill each other. - Zaltanek

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-03-27 to 204 Early Summer

Dude, this is looking very nice indeed. Bravo!

Submitted by: Stromko - 2009-03-28 to 204 Early Summer

Wow you're really going full-bore with the circular designs and patterns. Very inspiring!

Submitted by: Zaltanek - 2009-05-01 to 209 Early Spring

While not exactly 178 waterfalls, it does provide a waterfall to 178 rooms.

Submitted by: Unbeltedsundew - 2011-01-25 to 209 Early Spring

Oh man... this is awesome. Why hasn't it got more attention?

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